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Wow, I really haven't posted here in awhile, that's a bit unusual for me. But then, life's been crazy. Like... REALLY crazy, not the good kind of crazy.

I work at Red Lobster now, as I'm sure a lot of you know -- esp. considering several of you have come by to eat while I'm on shift. XD -- which is a good job. Cept... I only get like 20 hours a week. And if I was making like 15$/hour that'd be fine. But at 8.50? No so cool. So if we do our little math formula, it goes as follows -

$400/month income - $700/month expenses = -300$

-$300 - 1200$ credit card debt - 400$ loan debt - 800$ owed to ex - 400$ owed to Daddy = 3600$ of debt. Yeah.... not so good. Now granted, I don't have to pay ALL of the credit card off at once. But still. And this wouldn't be so bad if the IRS hadn't lost my taxes for last year so now I have to RE-file. And I was counting on that money for Katsu, so I'm not real sure what Im' gonna do.

Sure, I take commissions, and I make a bit of money there, but I can only do so much. I'm trying to get a second job, and hopefully I can find one in the next couple of days and such and even if I can barely afford Katsu, then I would at least have more money coming in. And I'm filing my taxes for this year tomorrow with my CPA and hopefully if I do them online they can get in and file them electronically so it'll only take me like 10 days for me to get my refund. Which would really help me out.

I kindof hate to do it, since I promised people I would be more active and post more and stuff, and I just got OFF of hiatus, but I'm thinking about taking another hiatus from Poly. Not a full one, just a semi-hiatus. I'd still make my minimum post requirement, but at least that would mean I'd have one less thing to worry about while I get back on track.

Cuz... yeah, living off of salads and rice sucks, man. I'm so protein-deficient I'm about to pass out all over the frickin place.
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So, finally finished up most of the updates for the troupe's eljay at [livejournal.com profile] tasogarecosplay, even got a new layout and colourscheme up for it, it looks WAY better than it did. Go check it out, anyone who cares about the troupe/Neko's cosplay/commissioning anything. I don't just do costumes, I do normal clothes, EGL, kimonos, pretty much anything.

I'm working on Ikkaku's Sokka costume right now, I've got the necklace done and the parka hood done. Working on the body of the parka, and then I get to do the nice and easy pants and shirt. I figure get the hardest parts out of the way first. Then do the easy. Then do the OTHER hard part. The boots. Have I mentioned I hate making boots? I'm GOING to, bc I'm a commissioned seamstress/craft-person and that's what I DO, but I still hate making boots. At least these hopefully won't be that bad to do.

But once I get done with it, I can work on my Hiyori costume, which is blessedly simple. And all I need for Yachiru is the wig and to make my zanpakutou, which I will prolly just buy a cheap one and laquer it. Or just use a scabbard that I already have and glue a tsubas and hilt to it, seeing as she never actually DRAWS it. So there's really no need for me to have a blade for it. Hell, or I could just make the whole damned thing out of a few pieces of wood. Either way, I've certainly got time to do THAT. And for Hiyori, I have all my needed fabric, I just have to actually sit down and make it. And then get my wig. And hopefully make her mask, if I have the time. I have the materials, it'll just be a time issue. Same with Hirako's mask.

Gonna try and go to Kan-chan's for New Years, but won't know that until I find out my schedule for next week. Which really sucks bc I need to give them my con dates for 2008 so they'll know, and I'm not sure whether they'll forget them or not.

Oh, and speaking of con, I have hotels booked for every con in 2008, cept Otakon which Nii-sama is in charge of. So no worries about hotels. To those going to AB, it's a tad more expensive bc it's a nice hotel in the middle of a big city, so just keep that in mind. Katsu crew, I'm going to be needing money from you guys by the 1st of Feb, so make sure you're setting it aside.

Otherwise, pretty much same-old, same-old. Oh, and anyone who wants free cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster just let me know, I can have all I want at work.


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