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Alright, so I'm not sure if this is needed or not, but I just want to clear up that if I am somehow considered part of the Poly!wank, that was never my intention. Sure, I have my issues with the game, most of which arising from my feel that while the mods do their damndest to do a good job -- and they DO manage for the most part, and I'm sure as hell grateful for the work that they do -- there are still issues that I feel should be dealt with a bit differently. But that's certainly not reason for everyone to be fighting and bitching and the like.

Poly is a game. Yes, there's drama and wangst and other not-fun stuff, but overall I've REALLY enjoyed every moment that I've spent in it and I don't want it misconstrued that I feel anything otherwise. I just feel that right now so many people are taking things way too seriously and complicating what could be such an easy and fun thing by trying to perfect it. Poly isn't perfect, it never WAS perfect, and it certainly isn't GOING to be perfect by any means. Sure, there are problems with how OOC issues are handled. And inactivity can be a bitch at times, especially when you're counting on interaction with an inactive character. And yes, some of us hate HMD with a passion while some of us all but worship it as a way to get things off our chests. But that's just the point. What makes Poly great isn't that we all get along, or that we all see eye-to-eye. It's that we can all manage to -- for the most part -- put those differences aside and come together in something that's enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

Am I saying that we should all just STFU and ignore the issues? No. But I think that it's time everyone took a bit of a step back and just took a deep breath and stopped to look not at the issues, but at all the GOOD things that we enjoy about the community. I mean, come on people. I can't be the only one who's got a long list of kickass things that I like about Poly, not to mention a buddylist crammed with awesome people who I would have never met otherwise. So what is WORTH making such a ruckus over?

Sure, I can understand being miffed or put out if your characterization is called into question. It's frustrating to feel as though you're being put under the microscope by a scant handful of people when you yourself don't see any problem with the way you're doing things. But is it important enough to let it take away from your enjoyment of the game? Remember, it only takes 3 out of 200something people to warrent an investigation. That's less than 2%, guys. And yes, I know I personally wrote my own little bitchrant about that same thing earlier, and I'm not trying to say that my feelings/frustrations have changed. They haven't. But that doesn't mean that they overshadow the simple enjoyment I get every day from logging into my eljay and going to check what's going on in the City today.

So I guess I'm asking EVERYONE, whether you see this through your own flist, or through someone else's flist, to just take a moment to STOP. And think about all the things you enjoy, not just about Poly, but about RP in general. And then take a moment to think over whether all this drama and bitchiness and backstabbing is really worth sacrificing that. Because honestly, I don't think it is.


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