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Yup, actually got around to posting up the 4th chapter of ADROS. Hopefully today I'll also get a chance to write the 5th one. Need to sit around and watch more Naruto, to get my muses back. Not for ADROS, but for GWE. GWE (Ghost-White Eyes) was my first Naruto fanfic, and it puttered out at ch. 2 when I hit a snag in regards to transitional writing(which I suck at). It's an OC-insertion, though my hatred of Sueness means my OC is simply another character amidst the masses. ANYWAY, part of the reason why it stalled a bit is b/c it still sticks w/the "normal canon" het. pairings b/c at first, that was all I knew/shipped. Now that my love for the series has grown and developed, it's just a tad harder to write outside of my OTPs. I mean, I love NaruHina, I think it's adorable. But NejiHina is far superior and just makes more sense to me. Same w/SasuSaku. I think it works, but only in a v. small number of instances, and besides SasuNaru is just so adorable, as is SakuLee. It's not that I CAN'T write outside of my normal OTPs, it's just hard to keep my writing from leaning towards them. There's also the issue that while ADROS is a completely planned story, and I already know how it's gonna end, GWE is not. I know how it goes to a certain point, but i haven't figured out the ending yet and I worry that it will start to drag. Either way, I think that if I sit down and re-watch a bunch of the series, it will get my OLD muses back being noisy.

But, enough of that. Here's the 4th ch. of ADROS.

Title: A Darkened Ray of Sunshine (ADROS)
Rating: M eventually, right now it's prolly more in the realm of PGish
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings: NejiHina, with a smattering of other pairings and twists. Afterall, relationships are like anything else, they grow and change.

I'll eventually be X-posting this thing to a few comms, so keep your eyes out for it if you're interested. Oh, and before anyone else bitches, LJ's formatting sucks, and I write long paragraphs. Get over it and quit telling me "use shorter paragraphs". I don't want to. >__<

ADROS Ch. 4 )

Oh, and on another note, finally got the pics from the most recent photo-shoot up, so here's some Timeskip Shikamaru for you~

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Updating again, nothing fancy this time, just ADROS next chapter. See, once I get the first 4, then at least I'll be caught UP. Then I can go back to work on GWE....-__-

ADROS Pt. 3 )
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Yah, another update. Will eventually X-post these things up onto Chuunin, but for now here's ch. 2 of ADROS, that I never got a chance to post up in here.

Title: A Darkened Ray of Sunshine (ADROS)
Rating: PG-13, but eventually R due to content.
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Pairing: NejiHina

ADROS Pt 2 )

Enjoy, the other chapter, then hopefully Ch4 (which I'm about to finish) will be coming soon.
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Alright, so since this LJ is for fanworks, I might as well POST some, huh? So I guess I'll start with ADROS. Well, what I've got done of it. ADROS is my NejiHina fic, and is my baby. That means don't flame it or I'll hurt you. Constructive criticism is certainly welcome, as long as it isn't a "why are you doing X, it's weird" or some other crap like that. So anyway, here's ADROS.

A Darkened Ray of Sunshine (ADROS) is a currently-in-progress Naruto fanfiction that centers around the NejiXHinata pairing. It is set several years post-Timeskip, at a time when Neji is 19 and Hinata 18 years old, respectively. The basic premise of the story hinges on Hinata's journey as she runs away from Konoha and her feelings for Neji, and finds herself cast into a very different role. Floundering, when an offer of dreams fulfilled comes from a most unexpected source, she grabs onto it and makes a new start. But all of that is thrown into chaos by the arrival of the very thing she sought to escape. Neji.
I warn all prospective readers that ADROS is not necessarily a happy story. It's certainly not tragic, but it's definitely bittersweet. Unlike most stories involving Konoha shinobi, this one is actually set in Otogakure. It also portrays the Sound village in a much different light, peeling back the layers of secrecy and showing it as it really is. A fanciful Babylon of sorts, a kingdom of tremulous hopes and dreams woven with darkness and poised on the brink of destruction. ADROS follows Neji and Hinata's fates as they become inexorably entwined in the final days of Otogakure and paints a picture not only of the fate of the world, but of the struggle of the lives that are thrown into the midst of a brutal war. And that's what ADROS is. A story about war, and the struggle to live and survive within it. That being said, please enjoy the fic.

ADROS Chapter One )


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