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I love how people you thought were your friends somehow forget that they've got your NORMAL eljay friended and then go and bitch and whine about you with shit they didn't ever have the balls to say to your face. So yeah. A nice "Fuck You" to a few people. I'm sure you can figure out who you are. Which means if you don't know, it's probably not directed at you.
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Man, I feel like I need to post the obligatory "work sucks" sort of rant here. Except for the fact that...work doesn't suck. Well, at least not in that traditional "cock goes here, suck it good" sort of sense. I love my job, really I do. I've wanted to work in this field since I can remember, and overall I feel the practice I work for is a "good place". That being the case, why the hell does she insist on taking my hours away and making me telemarket and bother people? She being my manager/administrator, Debbie. Who lives in the wonderfully fluffy and shiney place known as "Debbie-land", where everything is happy and perfect. I kinda wish I lived there, it must have nice CRACK in it. Anyway, so they love my phone/people skills. Kinda ironic considering how much contempt I hold for the average meat-sack walking down the street. I can't help but find it horrifically amusing how they see the diplomacy that I've busted my ass to develop and interpret that into "people skills" when it's really just "Neko's way of dealing w/idiots and ignorance". As in, "treat everyone with the same sort of basic reasoning as you would a 5-yr old throwing a temper tantrum" sort of reasoning. And really, HOW hard is it? Srsly, how difficult is it to calmly and rationally look someone in the eye and say "I'm sorry that you are upset, Mr. Smith. However, as you can see here, you signed the form authorizing us to do the x-rays and you declined the written estimate of cost. If you'd like, I'd be happy to have Dr. Vet speak to you before check-out, perhaps he can explain things better or help us find a solution."? It really isn't that hard, despite what people seem to think. -___-. But NO~, apparently I'm the only one who can manage that. And I'm also the only one who can get away with the old "Hi Ms. Doe, we haven't seen Pancake in 5 years, but I just thought I'd call you and see if you'd like to come and see us again" line. Since obviously they must have simply forgotten to come in since there's no logical reason why they would have NOT done so for the last 5 years. But, I digress. Old topic: my lack of hours. That would be because she TOOK THEM OFF OF THE SCHEDULE. That's right, she took them away. And why? So that I can come in, on my own time, and call people. *See above example*. Which at first seems alright. Hey, I get to make my own frickin hours!? Score!! But noooo~~~. 30 pages of callbacks =/= 35hrs of work. Actually...it equals about SIX hours of work. And 6 hrs of work =/= a rent check. *sigh*. At least this week Heather didn't WANT my hours, so she gave them back. But srsly. How the hell does this woman expect me to EAT when I don't work? I mean, I like vacation as much as the next person. But I don't want it ALL the damn time~! Especially not when I have overdue bills to pay and CON to go to next month.


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