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Title: Day 8 - Medicine of the Heart
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] tasogaretaichou
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo/Kuchiki Rukia
Fandom: Bleach
Theme: #18 - "Say Ahhhh...."
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= Mine

Another one for "3o Steps Together", this would be day 8 of 30, I'm on a roll here and I can't wait until I get some more of the earlier ones done so that I can post them up as chapters on ff.net. Anyway, I love writing Ichigo's rambling thought-processes, hence why a lot of this series is from his POV. I'm hoping to maybe do half of them from primarily his pov and the other half primarily from hers, just bc I think that would be somewhat interesting. I'm actually going to post up a table somewhere -- if I can get the code right -- so that I can table-link related fics like this bc a list is nice, but a table is prettier.

If there was one thing Ichigo hated, it was anything that made him seem weak. )
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Title: Day 23 - Midnight Confessions
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] tasogaretaichou
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo/Kuchiki Rukia
Fandom: Bleach
Theme: #5 - "Ano saa..."
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= Mine
Rating: PG

And that was one of the hardest questions a teenage boy could ask his girlfriend... )
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Title: Day 1 - Two Simple Words
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] tasogaretaichou
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo/Kuchiki Rukia
Fandom: Bleach
Theme: #3 - Jolt!
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= mine, sadly.
So this would be the "first" one in the group of 30 fics that I am writing to detail IchiRuki's first 30 days as a couple. I'm not writing them in order, but when I get all of them done, I WILL put them that way and make sure to post up a nice big table-post with them all linked so you can actually read through them in order. ^__^

These things were supposed to be 3-words long, right? )
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So since Kisuke and I have our theme-challenge kindof constantly running, here's the next one for that. Done to the theme of "memory".

Title: Memory-chain
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Yoruichi and Orihime
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= mine
Summary: Set during the beginning of SS arc, Inoue wants to know what Yoruichi's favourite memory is.

Could one really put a label to  )
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So yeah, since I absolutely ADORE themed-fics, and can never get enough of them, I have decided to compile a huge list of themes that I can use at some point. Some of them I've used in challenge comms, and others I took FROM various challenges, but I'm hoping at some point to maybe do some sort of fanfic meme and it'd be neat to have a listing of themes that I could use in that, not to mention fodder for when I lack inspiration. And I'm just a whore for lists and stuff. XD. Feel free to add themes to the list as you choose~

Teh Ginormous List of Doom )
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So here's a non-challenge fic!~

Well, sortof. Kisuke and I decided we wanted to write more YoruKisuke fics, seeing as there are hardly any out there, and so we started a theme-swap. My theme was "sticky", and this little idea just popped into my head.

Title: Sticky Fingers
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: YoruKisuke
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= mine
Theme: Sticky

She hated when her fur got sticky. )
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So yeah, life is a tiny tad less sucky. Kan-chan is still in town, which is win, we might go to the fair tomorrow if Nii-sama can get us free tickets. Which would rock, cuz I love the fair but have so NOT monies to go. Had the day off yesterday, so me and Kan-chan and Oro-sama got all dressed up in loli and went out photo-ing. Which started as just a photoshoot, but turned into this whole long thing. Oro-sama's gonna make a photo-story out of it and post it up, so when my email decides to WORK and send her the pics, I'll make sure to link to it. We did most of them with my new camera (which is made of awesome and win) bc it has this totally swanky colour-accent setting so I can take a black and white photo with like a red rose in colour or something like that. And yeah, I could do that in photoshop but it's so much cooler to do it with the camera.

Fanfic-muse is happy lately, because I finally got Path to Heaven finished so now I can get on with all the little one-shot challanges I've been meaning to write. Already got 3 out of the way, 3 more to do, picked up another request from a writing meme (no, NOT the kink-meme although I DO have one from there that I might do as well. XD) So expect more fics over the next week or two, then I will hopefully settle back into a sense of relative normalcy fic-wise and NOT do the whole "dry spell" thing where I have like 4 half-written ones that I haven't finished that are taunting me.

Oh, and in total randomness I LOVE my new default icon. IchiRuki cuteness FTW.

Lj-cut for rantage )

K, done bitchranting for now. XD
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So, I got stamped by the Bleach rating comm~

Funny how other then Rukia, Yoru is the character I most identify with? XD

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Alright, so thispast weekend, Fukutaichou-chan and I got the chance to go and do an "official" photoshoot for the troupe. Which is something we've been trying to get done for a very very long time. And considering that we had the entire afternoon to do this in, it rocked pretty damn hard. So there's this place about 45 minutes from my house, over at Duke University campus. Called the Sarah P. Duke Memorial Gardens. I srsly reccommend it to anyone looking to do outdoor photoshooting, ESP. if you're doing a Naruto shoot, as they have a bridge that I swear is Team-7's bridge over in the Asian watergarden parts of it. So anyway, Kan-chan took her Bloodelf costume and I wore my Hinata one and we spent the afternoon posing and shit. It actually was really neat b/c we kept getting stopped by random people who wanted to take our pictures. It was almost like being at con again, only not. Either way, we got a good 60 pictures or so, and I'm currently in the process of cropping and resizing them so that I can upload them and share w/people but I've got one or two uploaded already. I think the shoot went really well, though I wish I'd thought to wear my make-up. My face is rounder then Hinata's and the white contacts make my eyes look smaller unless I line them in a little bit of black.

The only real problem that we ran into was that I forgot my memory card and Kan-chan's didn't hold v. many pictures. Otherwise we probably would have had a ton more, given that my card holds a shit-ton of pictures. And I'm not even sure we'll be ABLE to shoot today in Boone like we'd planned. Not only b/c it's shitty nasty weather, but b/c my fuckin camera got to sit in a puddle of water. That wouldn't be such a bad thing, if not for the fact that the battery case doesn't close all the way. And THAT was the end in the water. It won't turn on right now, and I SRSLY hope that it's just the batteries being dead/shorted out and/or that it just needs to dry out. Either way, the prospect of buying ANOTHER digital camera is not really something I like to think about, even though they're cheaper now then they used to be. It's STILL money that I don't have. And I NEED the camera, for work purposes. I can't exactly photograph kitties for my business if I don't HAVE a camera that works.

Piccies Under Here~ )
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OK, so now is the time for fangirlish squealing and parading around. Why? b/c I just finally broke down and decided to upgrade this thing to a paid account. which means I have 105 ICONS TO USE!!!!

OMG for someone like me who collects icons, that's practically orgasmic in it's awesomeness. Not like I can use all 1800 from my collection, but it's certainly a damn sight more then that piddly little 15 that's usual. Though if you add up all of my LJs, that's 15 for each LJ in Poly, so that's 150 there, plus the 105 here, so at least it's not a total loss. XD.
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Hey everyone, I've just recently gotten involved in this really cool project. Basically, as a way to keep our writing muses from drying up and withering away, myself and several friends have invented what I refer to as "Story-swap" day. What it means is that on Fridays and Sundays, we give each other themes/prompts. Then we have to write a short ficlet from the theme. It can be about any fandom, any pairing. It can be romantic, funny, dramatic, whathaveyou. The only requirement is that it must center on the theme you were given. Anyway, we did this weekend on a Saturday and Sunday schedule instead of the Friday/Sunday one.

My theme for this one was "new shoes". And since I am, as always, an IchiRuki fangirl, I couldn't help myself. So please enjoy this little drabble, which I like to call "Click".

Title: Click
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: IchiRuki
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: PG for language

It's got that new-shoe smell... )
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OK, so I srsly need to actually POST some stuff in this thing. I mean, I made it for fanworks, afterall. So I guess I'll go ahead and post my latest fic, called Reason Enough.

It's Bleach, IchiRuki, and it was originally supposed to be a short little songfic/drabble but it decided it wanted to be longer. So it is. Anyway, enjoy.

Reason Enough
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Pairing: IchiRuki

Reason Enough )

Alright, so enjoy. I'll prolly be X-posting it to a couple different places so hopefully everyone will have fun w/it. Please let me know if you like it~


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