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Alright, so I'm not sure if this is needed or not, but I just want to clear up that if I am somehow considered part of the Poly!wank, that was never my intention. Sure, I have my issues with the game, most of which arising from my feel that while the mods do their damndest to do a good job -- and they DO manage for the most part, and I'm sure as hell grateful for the work that they do -- there are still issues that I feel should be dealt with a bit differently. But that's certainly not reason for everyone to be fighting and bitching and the like.

Poly is a game. Yes, there's drama and wangst and other not-fun stuff, but overall I've REALLY enjoyed every moment that I've spent in it and I don't want it misconstrued that I feel anything otherwise. I just feel that right now so many people are taking things way too seriously and complicating what could be such an easy and fun thing by trying to perfect it. Poly isn't perfect, it never WAS perfect, and it certainly isn't GOING to be perfect by any means. Sure, there are problems with how OOC issues are handled. And inactivity can be a bitch at times, especially when you're counting on interaction with an inactive character. And yes, some of us hate HMD with a passion while some of us all but worship it as a way to get things off our chests. But that's just the point. What makes Poly great isn't that we all get along, or that we all see eye-to-eye. It's that we can all manage to -- for the most part -- put those differences aside and come together in something that's enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.

Am I saying that we should all just STFU and ignore the issues? No. But I think that it's time everyone took a bit of a step back and just took a deep breath and stopped to look not at the issues, but at all the GOOD things that we enjoy about the community. I mean, come on people. I can't be the only one who's got a long list of kickass things that I like about Poly, not to mention a buddylist crammed with awesome people who I would have never met otherwise. So what is WORTH making such a ruckus over?

Sure, I can understand being miffed or put out if your characterization is called into question. It's frustrating to feel as though you're being put under the microscope by a scant handful of people when you yourself don't see any problem with the way you're doing things. But is it important enough to let it take away from your enjoyment of the game? Remember, it only takes 3 out of 200something people to warrent an investigation. That's less than 2%, guys. And yes, I know I personally wrote my own little bitchrant about that same thing earlier, and I'm not trying to say that my feelings/frustrations have changed. They haven't. But that doesn't mean that they overshadow the simple enjoyment I get every day from logging into my eljay and going to check what's going on in the City today.

So I guess I'm asking EVERYONE, whether you see this through your own flist, or through someone else's flist, to just take a moment to STOP. And think about all the things you enjoy, not just about Poly, but about RP in general. And then take a moment to think over whether all this drama and bitchiness and backstabbing is really worth sacrificing that. Because honestly, I don't think it is.
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So yeah, life is a tiny tad less sucky. Kan-chan is still in town, which is win, we might go to the fair tomorrow if Nii-sama can get us free tickets. Which would rock, cuz I love the fair but have so NOT monies to go. Had the day off yesterday, so me and Kan-chan and Oro-sama got all dressed up in loli and went out photo-ing. Which started as just a photoshoot, but turned into this whole long thing. Oro-sama's gonna make a photo-story out of it and post it up, so when my email decides to WORK and send her the pics, I'll make sure to link to it. We did most of them with my new camera (which is made of awesome and win) bc it has this totally swanky colour-accent setting so I can take a black and white photo with like a red rose in colour or something like that. And yeah, I could do that in photoshop but it's so much cooler to do it with the camera.

Fanfic-muse is happy lately, because I finally got Path to Heaven finished so now I can get on with all the little one-shot challanges I've been meaning to write. Already got 3 out of the way, 3 more to do, picked up another request from a writing meme (no, NOT the kink-meme although I DO have one from there that I might do as well. XD) So expect more fics over the next week or two, then I will hopefully settle back into a sense of relative normalcy fic-wise and NOT do the whole "dry spell" thing where I have like 4 half-written ones that I haven't finished that are taunting me.

Oh, and in total randomness I LOVE my new default icon. IchiRuki cuteness FTW.

Lj-cut for rantage )

K, done bitchranting for now. XD
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Alright, b/c a large part of the Naruto fandom has been pissing the everliving FUCK out of me lately, I have come up with this answer that every person on this goddamned planet needs to read and keep in mind. Otherwise, it seems that people act like fuckwits. And no, this is not directed towards any specific person or persons, nor any recent events, just an overflowing of aggravation and urge-to-kill that's been building up for awhile and demands an outlet NOW before it either explodes or slaughters all of my muses.

But before the rules, I would just like to get one thing straight to any Naruto fans on the interwebs that are reading this.


Now get the fuck over it!

Yes, I like the duck-butted asshole, despite the fact that he's being a massive tard right now and pissing me off, so QUIT with the bullshit! I do NOT care that you or your friend or your entire comm or WHATEVER hate him/want to maim him/make Xmas ornaments w/his entrails/WHATEVER. I. DO. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK. Thank you, now STOP being assbats and STFU about how much you hate him and I'll STFU about what a short-bus tard YOU are. Deal? So keep your Sasuke-hating to yourself, or at least keep it to a civil and non-insulting level for those fans that don't think he needs to go off and die somewhere. We don't care what you think. We like him, we have our reasons, just like you have your reasons for hating him. Mutual respect, people.

Alright, now that I got that out of my system, I feel better. Anyway, on to the helpful life lessons:

How NOT to be a Douche in your Fandom )
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Ok, so you know what happens when you put lasagna uncovered in the microwave? That lovely splattering of gorey pasta guts that explodes all over the inside of said box? Yeah. That's kindof a good representation for the way my LIFE is going right now.

OK, so we'll start at the beginning. Neko is driving Kan-chan home to Boone. Enter other car in front of her + brakes slipping + wet road = Neko in fender-bender. Nothing that bad, busted out my headlight, the other guy wasn't even dented. Anyway, that in itself wasn't a problem. Because neither of us wanted to file a report or anything. So we would have just gone on our merry way. Except for the cop in the other lane. Who saw it. And helpfully came over to check our licenses and advise us of stuff. Enter problem. Neko's license and plate are both revoked. Why? Because of idiots who can't file paperwork. Thus Neko is now unable to drive. Which leaves Neko pissed the fuck off, and Kan-chan stuck in Raleigh when she needs to be in Boone for her classes.

Gee, dont' I feel like a fucking moron. I personally don't care that much what sort of trainwreck my own life implodes into. I've seen it coming for awhile, not that surprisingly. However, I HATE dragging someone else's life into the fucking mud along the way.

So yeah, anyone who has any ideas on how to help that DON'T involve clubbing myself to death, please step forward.
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Man, I feel like I need to post the obligatory "work sucks" sort of rant here. Except for the fact that...work doesn't suck. Well, at least not in that traditional "cock goes here, suck it good" sort of sense. I love my job, really I do. I've wanted to work in this field since I can remember, and overall I feel the practice I work for is a "good place". That being the case, why the hell does she insist on taking my hours away and making me telemarket and bother people? She being my manager/administrator, Debbie. Who lives in the wonderfully fluffy and shiney place known as "Debbie-land", where everything is happy and perfect. I kinda wish I lived there, it must have nice CRACK in it. Anyway, so they love my phone/people skills. Kinda ironic considering how much contempt I hold for the average meat-sack walking down the street. I can't help but find it horrifically amusing how they see the diplomacy that I've busted my ass to develop and interpret that into "people skills" when it's really just "Neko's way of dealing w/idiots and ignorance". As in, "treat everyone with the same sort of basic reasoning as you would a 5-yr old throwing a temper tantrum" sort of reasoning. And really, HOW hard is it? Srsly, how difficult is it to calmly and rationally look someone in the eye and say "I'm sorry that you are upset, Mr. Smith. However, as you can see here, you signed the form authorizing us to do the x-rays and you declined the written estimate of cost. If you'd like, I'd be happy to have Dr. Vet speak to you before check-out, perhaps he can explain things better or help us find a solution."? It really isn't that hard, despite what people seem to think. -___-. But NO~, apparently I'm the only one who can manage that. And I'm also the only one who can get away with the old "Hi Ms. Doe, we haven't seen Pancake in 5 years, but I just thought I'd call you and see if you'd like to come and see us again" line. Since obviously they must have simply forgotten to come in since there's no logical reason why they would have NOT done so for the last 5 years. But, I digress. Old topic: my lack of hours. That would be because she TOOK THEM OFF OF THE SCHEDULE. That's right, she took them away. And why? So that I can come in, on my own time, and call people. *See above example*. Which at first seems alright. Hey, I get to make my own frickin hours!? Score!! But noooo~~~. 30 pages of callbacks =/= 35hrs of work. Actually...it equals about SIX hours of work. And 6 hrs of work =/= a rent check. *sigh*. At least this week Heather didn't WANT my hours, so she gave them back. But srsly. How the hell does this woman expect me to EAT when I don't work? I mean, I like vacation as much as the next person. But I don't want it ALL the damn time~! Especially not when I have overdue bills to pay and CON to go to next month.


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