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I love how people you thought were your friends somehow forget that they've got your NORMAL eljay friended and then go and bitch and whine about you with shit they didn't ever have the balls to say to your face. So yeah. A nice "Fuck You" to a few people. I'm sure you can figure out who you are. Which means if you don't know, it's probably not directed at you.
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So, Petsmart never panned out. Turns out what they REALLY needed was someone to unload trucks at 4AM. Yeah.... how about NO. So that means I'm still on a job-hunt. My dad might help me get out of debt, though. Which is good, cept it means I've gotta turn over my card and live off cash for a while until I learn how to manage it better. Humiliating, in a way, but probably necessary. My pride'll heal. My credit... not as much so. But that's ok, I'm still going to Katsu. I told him it was all paid for, which isn't really true, but if I can manage to sell this Elliptical machine in the next few days, then that'll net me 200$, which means that con REALY won't have to come out of my normal income.

Working on cosplay, as usual, in preparation for Katsu on the 15th. I finished 1, and have 4 others that are in various stages of completion. Thankfully, it's the complex ones that are already done or mostly done. Anyone who's interested can check them out over at [livejournal.com profile] tasogarecosplay. I'm praying my wigs get here on time, bc I can't afford to buy any other ones last-minute. They should, it'll just be real close. And even if they don't, and I don't get to take any NEW costumes to Katsu, it's not the end of the world.


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