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Title: Realizations
Fandom: Bleach
Character/Pairing: Hirako Hiyourin
Rating: PG
Prompt: First
Disclaimer: Bleach and it's characters are copyright to Kubo Tite. Hiyourin and Kaien are both mine.

Maybe she should have realized it before )
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Title: Number One Crush
Fandom: Bleach
Character/Pairing: Kurosaki Renji x Ishida Hanako
Rating: G
Prompt/Theme: Crush
Disclaimer: Bleach doesn't belong to me. It, and it's characters, belong to Kubo Tite. However, both Kurosaki Renji and Ishida Hanako ARE mine.

The waiting was the hardest )
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So yeah.... wow. Normally I don't write really sad stuff, not bc I have any sort of problem with it, but mostly just bc I so seldom get suitable inspiration to where it doesn't sound contrived to me. But this thing just battered it's way out of my brain. Anyway, enjoy the sad little tragic thing. I'll prolly X-post it around and about later.

Title: The Worth of One Life
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing/Character: SasuNaru
Rating: PGish
Warnings: V. sad fic, guys.

How do you measure the value of one life? )
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Late in posting this up, this was Senkaimon's 4th round. I don't really like this fic, but I'm putting it up anyway.

OMG this thing was a pain to write. I'm still not really happy with it, it kindof wrote itself and I don't know if I agree with the muse, but oh well.

Title: Not Enough Words
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing/Characters: Renji x Byakuya
Rating: G

Sometimes there just aren't enough words )
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Also known as "the chapter that took Neko 4 months to write". I think the only thing that's taken longer is ADROS6, which is still in progress. Hopefully I will stop being such a loser and actually sit down to write some more chapters on my 4 chaptered fics, bc I have GWE, ADROS, SoS, and Genesis now to work on. Not to mention all the numerous planned things to do. *Sigh*

Anyway, Genesis Ch3. Another 3 or 4 chapters and I reach the storyline point where I break from canon and it'll be SO much easier to write. Hopefully the next thing I pull up is the next ADROS chapter. It'll be that, prolly then SoS, bc that's outlined out. GWE, I do not want to say is dead, bc I still want to write the story, but it'll need some renewed inspiration. Either way, enjoy the chapter.

Title: Genesis
Chapter: 2
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: IchigoxRukia mostly, though others are included.
Rating: T-M. Nothing too graphic really, but it's a darker story at times, with some more mature themes in it.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. However, if I did, this is how the story would have continued had I been given control of it at about chapter 286, excepting the events from TBTP BC those -- being flashbacks -- would technically have been part of the story already. If that makes sense. XD.
Spoiler Warning: Obviously, anything up to Ch. 286, as well as the Turn Back the Pendulum flashback arc. Anything else, from Ch287 onward does not impact this story because it was initially created before any of THAT was created. TBTP is included simply BC it's back story and that's easily allowable.
Summary: Every story has a beginning, just as it has a middle and an end. Lives are lived, wars are fought, loves are found and lost. This is one such story. This is the story of a beginning, but it is also the story of a journey. The story of how one man and one woman found their way through obstacles and hardships to finally stand on the cusp of their own destinies. It is the story of three worlds, and the friction between them. It is a story of change, of hardship. A story of prejudice, loss, and heartache. But above all... it is a story of life. Life, in all it's colours and shapes.

Is it worth it to keep trying? )
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So, it's been awhile since I posted anything of note here other than fanfiction. Mostly that's because real life has a tendancy to get crazy and I have a tendancy to forget to set aside time every day or so to actually PUT RL stuff up in here.

I suppose the most notable thing as of late is the problem with the kitties. Anyone who reads this will remember Naia, my little tortie baby that I lost about 3 months back. At the time, we believed that she succumbed to a congenital kidney and adrenal defect, which she v. well may have had. However, we no longer believe that it was that alone that killed her. We are almost certain now that what she really died of was something infectious or toxin-based. And the reason we think that is because Rawn is sick with it now too.

Unlike Naia, he's hardier, and he's stable. But we still have no answers. Hopefully we can save up for another round of bloodwork that will tell us more. So everyone please keep Rawn in your prayers, just pray that he gets better and that he stays stable until we can get an answer to this. I will always kick myself that I didn't insist on a necropsy for Naia, but what's done is done and the only thing I can do now is fight like hell to not lose another one.

Otherwise, life is life, plodding along like usual. ^___^


Sep. 30th, 2009 04:13 pm
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Title: Hanabi
Fandom: Naruto
Character/Pairing: SakuLee
Rating: G

Dating Lee was a tiring thing. )
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Title: Black as Sin
Fandom: Naruto
Character: Morino Ibiki, Mitarashi Tazusa
Disclaimer: Ibiki, along with the Naruto-verse, belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Tazusa is mine.
Rating: R for torture.

He'd never found anyone suitable. Until irony and circumstance landed her in his lap )
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Title: Day 22 - Even Then
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: IchigoxRukia
Theme: 'ano...'

No wittiness today )
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So I have just stumbled today across something of so much epic win.

I now have the ability to rip an MP3 direct from Youtube thanks to one lovely little piece of code.


Because of that, my Vocaloid music folder is now heading on it's way to 4 gigs in size.
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Title: Silent Vigil
Fandom: Naruto
Character/Pairing: NejiHina, onesided in this one.
Rating: PG
Theme: Violence, pillage/plunder.

Another one for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses. This one came from my brain much easier than the other one, which is still being rather tarded. Anyway, enjoy the fic.

Violence has put her here, but it will not be violence that brings her back. )
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Title: Of Soggy Baskets and Lilies
Fandom: Naruto
Character/Pairing: MinatoxKushina
Rating: G

Another one for the gen-meme.

Things were supposed to be easier when you were Hokage... )


Sep. 22nd, 2009 05:35 pm
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Title: Dinnertime
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing/Characters: Akimichi clan, though if you squint I suppose you could assume some v. faint InoxChouji.
Genre: General
Rating: G

Done for the gen-meme for a friend. ^__^

There was no way a single family could possibly eat that much food )
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Title: These Masks We Wear
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNaru
Rating: PG

There are different masks for different times )
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Title: Effervescence
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNaru
Rating: T
Summary: Some days are just meant to be shared. Even if the one you wish to share them with is gone.

He'd imagined it for years, and now it was here and it still didn't seem real )
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Hey, new layout. Shinji this time. I also changed the entire LJ's title. I figure since Shinji's ability seems to be reversal, seeing how he broke Aizen's illusion, and he specifies that he's good at reversing things, it made sense to use a synonym of 'reverse'. Thus 'transpose', hence 'Transposition'. Fanart is copyright whomever made it. Eventually I'll get around to updating my profile too and making that more spiffy.
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Ok, so Senkaimon had ShinYori as their newest pairing, so thought "hey, that's my otp. this'll be easy" WRONG. It is SUCH a pain in the ass to try and write for something when the muse simply refuses to give you any ideas, anything beyond "ooh, yeah let's write that".

Title: It's All About Appearances
Pairing: Shinji x Hiyori
Fandom: Bleach

Wow, I never would have thought it'd be so hard to figure out what to write for my fav. pairing. Guess it just goes to show that muses are fickle things at best.

Notes: Anything I reference in regards to backstory or past for them prior to TBTP comes from my fic "24 Chips of Bone". As we do not yet know the name of Shinji's zanpakutou, I have taken the liberty of giving it the name Kagami, which means mirror, primarily because it is canon that Shinji states his specialty is reversing things. This, combined with his ability to shatter open Aizen's illusions, leads me to believe that his sword's power is something along those lines. "kagami" means mirror, and what else does a mirror do but reflect and reverse? ^__^ Either way, I hope everyone enjoys this, and I'm sorry it's so late.

no wittiness tonight, I'm tired )
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So, I found an interesting community on LJ the other day. It's called [livejournal.com profile] bleachroleplays and the basic gist of it is that it's a comm where you put up a post saying what character you want to play, and which characters you'd like to interact with, and whether you have a specific setting/scene/pairing/etc. in mind, and then you wait for someone to respond to you. You can also wander through the posts others have made and see if any requests interest you. It seems kindof neat, seeing as so often when you go browsing through canon-based or pan-fandom games the character you want either isn't available or the game just doesn't suit you. Or is basically dead. And in this case, you can decide the pairing you want as well, so you don't have to be left to the mercy of joining something with the anticipation of playing to your fav. pairing only to be left out bc the other half of that pairing likes another pairing. Either way, I figure I'll give it a chance and see if anything comes of it. Hell, it might just end up being one of those things that kindof piddles out bc people put up requests and no one responds, but I guess if nothing else, then I can always respond bc there are precious few characters I DON'T RP.
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I find it very amusing whenever I get a reader who throws a fit over a scene or phrase or happenstance in my fanfiction that they don't agree with. As though I wrote it specifically for them and now they're offended that it failed to live up to their expectations.

News Flash, Kiddies

- Taso doesn't give a damn what you like or don't like. To clarify something, I write for myself, for the pure enjoyment of it, so please don't think your dissatisfaction of it makes a single jot of difference in my day. Perhaps that makes you feel better, to know that you've had absolutely no effect on my mood save the typical sigh of irritation at feeling like I have to yet again deal with fan-wank. Or perhaps it makes you feel impotent because you get your jollies by making other fans cry and now you don't get that chance. But I digress.

I returned home today to a barrage of verbal warfare from a fellow Hiyori fan who did not feel that something I wrote made sense. As I've said before, that doesn't bother me. The heart of 'fandom' in and of itself is the ability to discern and interpret a character's depth as you so see fit, without the concern that others will not like it or such. Here's what I got home to:

(7:18:10 PM): so why are you so bad at writing fanfics?
(7:19:19 PM): your supposed to be some sort of hiyori fan or whatever yet you seemingly just degrade her in your poorly made fan fictions and ignore statements she has made
(7:22:01 PM): wake up I want to ask you some stuff
(7:26:41 PM): I mean your damn near 30 years old and hte best thing you have to do with your time is write totally unrealistic stories about fictional characters having sex with eachother even though it would never happen if you actually knew the characters properly
(7:28:12 PM): if you want to fuck shinji so bad shove a picture of him up your ass but stop trying to write stories about other people fucking him just because you want to and cant
(7:29:36 PM): you must be one of those easy girls because you seem to be against the idea of someone actually remaining a virgin even though they said thats what they want to do
(7:29:43 PM): you probably fucked everyone at your school when you were younger

Understandably unpleasent, and unwarranted. If you don't like something that I write, that's fine. Please, feel free to tell me that you don't like it, and to tell me why you don't like it. But don't expect some sort of apology for the fact that I wrote something you didn't like, and there's certainly no need to insult me.

So, as I assume this person is requesting clarification as to the contents of Ch23 of 24 Chips of Bone, I will courteously oblige their infantile behaviour with an explanation that is completely unnecessary.

It is a well-known fact of canon that Hiyori has stated that she wishes to be a virgin bride. The fact that I portrayed a sexual scene between her and Shinji in my fic has been questioned several times and I have no problem at all explaining the reasoning that led to me putting it there. 24 Chips of Bone takes place over the course of their relationship, leading up to an as-yet fictional final showdown in the Winter War. I chose to illustrate the two of them spending a night together not as a way to flout canon or characterization but because I wished to portray the poignancy of finding yourself on the precipice of what could be your last night on this earth, faced with a dilemma in which the one person who you always placed in that wedding-day fantasy in your head is someone who you haven't even been able to confess your feelings to, much less make any headway towards that ultimate goal. Given that fact, and the fact that there may never be another tomorrow, what ultimately becomes more important is the fact that there may never be another chance to express those feelings which are so difficult to share. And while it is indeed canon that she has stated she wishes to be a virgin bride, in no way has she stated that she is against the idea of sex, or of ultimately having sex, a fact that those who have problems with this chapter generally seem to forget.

Some people may feel that such a thing doesn't fit, or that it was placed there simply for the sake of sex, or because I have a 'fix' that I need to get. We'll get one thing straight. If I want sex, I don't have to write and fantasize about it, I can simply go to bed with my fiance. And if someone else feels a scene such as that is ill-placed, that is their business, and I am certainly not about to tell them they cannot have the opinion. I however, felt that it was well-placed and was a very touching display of choices made when there is no time left and the only thing that matters anymore is who you want to spend your last moments with and the fact that this chance may be all you have.

As to the individual in question: I regret that my poor roommate had to deal with your ridiculous idiocy this evening. Your opinion is your own, and you are welcome to it. However, I do not intend or wish to speak to you at all. Had you approached with a simple query and request for clarification, I would have been more than happy to oblige you, but obviously that was beyond the capabilities of your insignificant person. Your insult-throwing and the manner in which you chose to express your displeasure has shown me that you are no better than the silly little children who feel that any scene depicting the characters in their favourite pairing in the same frame equates with canon pairing. You are intolerant and completely unwilling to accept that another person may have a very different spin on a character than you do, and your deliverance of said opinion shows a woeful lack of maturity. Consider developing some before you turn 20 and get out into the real world, you'll find that out here no one gives a damn whether you like or dislike something. Your assurance to my roomie that you "highly doubt I will use personal insults on her if she keeps the discussion reasonable and realistic" means not a thing, as your previous statements have already shown you to be incapable of intelligent discourse without stooping to insults, and I have far better things to do with my time than waste it attempting to change the mind of someone whose opinion matters less to me than the last deposit I left in my toilet. Surprisingly, we actually do agree on one thing, and that is that meaningless sex in fandom is frustrating. However, I am not an ignorant child who is so afraid of any sort of sexual contact that they feel threatened by the fact that someone else chooses to write one of their favourite characters into a sexual situation because that author sees it as feasible. Therefore, I am going to refrain from throwing insults and suggestions as to your past sexual history, or the fact that you must obviously feel very uncomfortable with yourself to feel the need to validate your own status with that of a character, nor do I feel the need to comment on mine. And seeing as you claim this is an opinion that you've had for quite a time, yet you've only chosen to attack me on it since I joined a particular forum, I have to wonder at how spineless you truly are, child. I am certainly not secretive in regards to my contact information so I can only assume that you lacked the stones to actually speak up and voice your opinion before this. Or is it simply because I dared to stray into your little world today? Or perhaps that diaper is on too tight. I wonder.

In closing, if you don't enjoy something, simply don't read it and move on, as I and other mature fans choose to do when we come across numerous pieces of badly written, OOC, crackish, and downright awful fanfiction and fanart. There is hardly reason to create a spectacle of yourself over a piece of fanfiction.

You will see that I deliberately failed to include your screen-name on this. That was done as a courtesy to you, because while I feel you are a sorry example of what is wrong with kids these days, I nonetheless feel that your opinion is your own and that you have a right to it, and I will not create a situation where anyone who agrees with ME would have free reign to harrass and bother you the way you have bothered me.

Should you wish any future discourse or discussion in regards to any of my work, do see to it that you use the big-kid voice and don't forget your manners.


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