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Alright everyone, see this? This is MINE. ^______________^

So yeah, for those of you who don't keep up with my love life, things are significantly different.

Read On if you Care )

Oh, speaking of Katsu, anyone who is still interested, we still have space in the room. Hopefully it won't be another 18-person clusterfuck like AUSA was (even though I thought that was fun. XD ), but it would be nice to have upwards of 8 or 9 in the room.

And goddammit, why the hell can't people stick with what they schedule?! They schedule their pickup for Sunday, then there's like 20 of them here TODAY. It bugs me bc yeah, it means they'e going home and I don't have to deal with it, I LIKE looking at the schedule and going "oh, there's only 5 dogs going home" and it actually only BEING 5 dogs.

Took a little mini-hiatus from the internets entirely for about a week or so after con, partially due to RL drama, but also I just felt a bit drained in regards to teh intarwebs. I know, WHAT a concept. But I think that now that I've gotten my life a bit back on track the way that I want it, I'll be back with a bang (and some fanfiction. XD) so look forward to me being back~~ And OMG Christmas music. I LOVE Christmas music.
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So here's a non-challenge fic!~

Well, sortof. Kisuke and I decided we wanted to write more YoruKisuke fics, seeing as there are hardly any out there, and so we started a theme-swap. My theme was "sticky", and this little idea just popped into my head.

Title: Sticky Fingers
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: YoruKisuke
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Bleach =/= mine
Theme: Sticky

She hated when her fur got sticky. )
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OK, so now is the time for fangirlish squealing and parading around. Why? b/c I just finally broke down and decided to upgrade this thing to a paid account. which means I have 105 ICONS TO USE!!!!

OMG for someone like me who collects icons, that's practically orgasmic in it's awesomeness. Not like I can use all 1800 from my collection, but it's certainly a damn sight more then that piddly little 15 that's usual. Though if you add up all of my LJs, that's 15 for each LJ in Poly, so that's 150 there, plus the 105 here, so at least it's not a total loss. XD.


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