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Sep. 25th, 2010 06:21 pm
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Rukia -

Would you stop that? I'm not going to make Yuzu cry, and I'm not being rude. I'm being friendly, isn't that what you want me to do? Quit being so damned picky. And it sure as hell IS my business what kind of blackmail material you have on me, how the hell wouldn't it be my business?!

Rukia, your brother talks to me like you'd talk to a dog or an inanimate object, and you know it. Not once has that man said two words to me without his entire tone just dripping with disdain. I've never done a damn thing to him except get in the way of your execution, and I'm sure as hell not sorry for that . But you can't deny he treats me like some sort of inferior being, and he always has. It's pretty obvious he thnks I'm too low-class for you to associate with. Not that I care, but still.

Dad can't find candles because he never knows where anything is. And you shouldn't sit and write in the dark, moron. It's bad for your eyes, you'll go blind. Just wait until the lights come back on next time, it's not like I'm going anywhere, you know. And it's called a generator, it's a machine that creates electricity. And why are you sitting in MY room and writing, anyway?

You mean constellations, right? Heh, never would have thought Renji'd be the deep sort, but go figure. Yeah, we have those too. Most of them have to do with different stories from mythology and stuff like that. Stuff about heroes who died and had their image hung in the stars by the gods, and mythical creatures placed there as a warning, and all sorts of stuff like that. Yuzu used to be really into it when we were little, she'd sit and want me to name them all and tell her all the stories that went along with them. I never really thought much about it, it was mostly just to make Yuzu happy, but.... Mom liked them too. She used to make up stories about them, different stories than the official ones, ones that she liked better. She'd even make up her own constellations sometimes, and tell us stories about them.

Academy for you IS like college, midget. You only go if you want to learn it, and you take as long as you need. Not everyone goes to college, and not everyone takes 4 years. We just have to go to school before that that's required for 12 years. And yeah, it does, but you still have to take the time to learn it. That's why some people graduate college faster than others.

For the last time, I am NOT trying to make friends with Devon, so just drop it! And how the hell should I know, my teeth are fine. Would you want those perfect little Kuchiki teeth to be all crooked and sticking out? I doubt it. And we're not like you, we can't just kidou them back straight.

He WHAT?!? What do you mean "in his letter"?! And I have NOT been telling him anything! Especially not anything that would make him think.... THAT ! And don't send him cookies , you'll just encourage him! Nosy little prick, I knew he was up to something when he wanted to 'borrow my notes' for pharmocology.

If you want to go to the aquarium, just say so. I'll take you sometime, as long as you don't act like a 5-year old and embarass me by poking at everything. And stop calling me ungrateful, you brat! I know how the hell family's supposed to act. I'd have thought you'd be the one who doesn't know what it's like to have a family that actually gives a damn about your wellbeing. And why the hell should I care if you make me presents, they'll probably be crappy anyway.

I'm not jealous, like I said I was just trying to save you the trouble. And again, that's because your family is screwed up. Like I've said before. And what are you getting all upset over, stop acting like I insulted Chappy or something. Third grade is a grade in school, a particular year and pretty much everyone who's that age thinks the other gender is gross and disgusting. That they'll get cooties. And you're going to accuse ME of being jealous and then freak out because I noticed Inoue's haircut? I think you're the one who's jealous.

Tell Yuzu the soup was good, Matt liked it too. And I'm NOT telling Matt to write to you. Oh, your drawing actually didn't suck as badly as they usually do.

- Ichigo


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