Nov. 14th, 2010

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OMG I split the chapter. I NEVER have to split chapters. Fekking canon-rehash... Anyway, here is Ch. 7 of SoS, the 2nd part should be forthcoming, as in hopefully I'll get to finish it tonight and post it up bc there are 11 chapters total in the fic and I'd REALLY like to actually finish a long-running chaptered fic for a change rather than having 4 or 5 of them ( ADROS, SoS, GD, Genesis, GWE, PH ) all running at once because I'm a tool who takes forever to actually finish something I start. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys, it's fun and interesting to look at Rukia's memories and past through ichigo's eyes. And anyone who has a problem with me referencing the children and events from Fade to Black can suck it. I don't care if they aren't truly 'canon' or if they are marysue or whatever anyone thinks. I enjoy them, as I enjoy Kusaka and Senna and all the other movie and OVA and filler characters, and I generally use all such events in my Bleach head-canon, simply fitting them in as I see fit here and there.

Shards of Spirit
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo X Rukia
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, now go read.
Spoilers: Up to Rukia's fight with Arroniero. SoS takes a slightly alternate path and follows the idea that after everyone's initial fights, they were able to retrieve Inoue and return to Karakura. Obviously, anything in canon since then will not be referenced here.
Summary: Do we ever get a second chance? An option to redo what we did wrong? And if we did, would we know what to do when it was given to us? When a mistake threatens to cost Ichigo the thing he never realized was most important, how far will he go to get it back?
Gravely injured, hovering at the brink of death, Rukia remains trapped within her mind, a prisoner to her own inner demons, while Ichigo, determined to restore her, faces not only her own darkness but the fears and illusions in his own heart by journeying into her mind itself to find her and bring the pieces of her soul back together.

Chapter 7 - Mercy from Heaven )


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