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So this is the new, huge table-post for all of the writing-challenge communities that I belong to. Rather than making a post for each table, I've decided to simply make ONE post that includes them all. I will still be updating the link on the sidebar with fanfiction, but I will also be linking to this post as well. And yes, I had to type up all the code. And YES, it sucked so much I think I'm gonna have nightmares. God, now I understand why all the comp-sci majors I meet are always in such a bad mood. If I had to do this all day everyday I think I'd shoot myself. Anyway, enjoy the tables. If you want one for yourself, I DO have the "share" version of the code too. Just ask.

Paper Hearts - IchiRuki for 10_letters )

30 Steps Together - IchiRuki for 30_kisses )

30 Memories - NejiHina for 30_kisses )

10 Pathways to Purgatory - IchiRuki for 10_whores )

30 Moments of Passion - IchiRuki for 30_lemons )

24 Chips of Bone - ShiYori for 24hour_themes )

50 Moments in Time - NejiHina for 50_shinobi )

100 Points in Time - IchiRuki for fanfic100 )

White Meets White: A NejiHina Anthology - NejiHina for hyugacest )

20 Patchwork Blankets - IchiRuki for 20_blankets )

13 Nightmares Come True - IchiRuki for 13_fears )

10 Times I Never Admitted I Loved You - Shiyori for 10_letters )

Black and White - IchiRuki for Bleach_15 )

Opposites Attracting - ShiYori for Bleach_15 )

Second Sunrise - Bleach for occhallenge )
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So...... I quit my new job today. Yeah, the one I just got the other day, that I was so excited about. Honestly.... I hate being in sales. I don't like the idea of spending 10 hours busting my ass and I might not even make enough to cover the gas I spent to drive to the event. Not to mention that since we were merchandizing for DARE, and my county doesn't HAVE a DARE program, I'm ALWAYS going to have to travel to a diff. county. 3 tanks of gas per week? I think not. Anyway, so I quit after 4 days, but it's alright. It just means it wasn't the right job for me, so I'll find something else.

Oh, for those who pay attention to my fanfiction, I added a couple more writing communities to my list, and I actually even created one of my own. So anyone who is interested, go join [livejournal.com profile] 20_blankets. It's in the same vein as [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses and takes it's gist from the old "blanket scenarios" that I'm sure many veteran fanfiction-readers are familiar with. Basically, for every one of the 20 themes in the list, you write a fic that involves 2 characters + 1 blanket. They can use the blanket however they want, but it has to be in there. The same way every fic in [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses has to contain some sort of kiss.

I made a big table-post in my own journal to keep track of all the comms, if anyone else wants table code feel free to barter souls, your firstborn, pr0n, etc. bc it's a pain in the ass to make.


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