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Dear Ichigo's girlfriend in Japan

Hi! How are you? You don't know me, but I'm a friend of your boyfriend's! He's a pretty cool guy, so I thought you were probably pretty cool too, since he talks about you all the time. You're from Japan too, right? That's really awesome, I want to visit sometime, and see Akihabara, and Tokyo, and go to Kyoto and Tokyo Tower. You've been there, right? I mean, you live there, so you've probably been.

Your name's Rukia, right? Oh, my bad. I meant Rukia-SAN. Why do you guys do that, I mean I understand the whole honorific thing but isn't that way formal and annoying. Though Ichigo just calls you Rukia, so I guess it's different. Are you coming to visit anytime soon? I bet it would cheer him up a lot, he's always so grouchy.

Anyway, I hope I get to meet you soon!

-Matt Brannigan

*Author's Note* - As Matt is not a native Japanese speaker, and knows little beyond hiragana and some katakana, I am leaving it up to the reader to imagine the horrific mangled nature of the Japanese in his letter. I tried to manually mangle it, but as I couldn't get all my Japanese straight to then run through babblefish I just left it as-is. Suffice to say, while it is clear to US, to Rukia it's a garbled mess.


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