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Ok, so since I've been having a couple of issues lately with my memories -- where my fanfiction lives -- not showing up for people for some odd reason, I'm going to try this instead. I'm going to link every single piece of fiction I've written to THIS post, and then change the link in the sidebar so that it references THIS, rather then my memories. It'll be a little more work on my part, but if it fixes the problem, then we're set. This'll also let me put a rating system and such on them NOW, so that you don't have to click the link to know what it's rated. For the huge challenge fics, I will likely be putting separate links up eventually so that you don't have to sort through several hundred fics. Fics will be listed as such:

Title: Fandom: Pairing: Rating

You may see some fics shift around in here, that'll be the case if sequels get written for oneshots and other such things, I will keep this updated as I write new stuff, and you can also read my stuff at fanfiction.net, though there are more fics here for 2 reasons:

1. I can't put lemons on ff.net
2. I have some of my challenge-groups that I want to post to FF.net in order, but I haven't written them all yet so I can't do that.

Naruto One-shots: Unrelated
Anything under here is simply a one-shot that is unrelated to any other fic or group of fics.

A Flower of Snow: Naruto: NejixHinata: G
A short vignette that explores the reasons why Hyuuga Hiashi is so hard on his eldest daughter. Mild NejiHina towards the end, Hiashi's POV.

Dark Obsessions: Naruto: Shikamaru: R
An obsession can twist the fabric of anyone, if it is the right sort.

Hope Springs Eternal: Naruto: SakuraxLee: G
Sometimes all you have to cling to is hope.

Silent Symphony: Naruto: SakuraxLee: G
They never understood what he meant, when he said he held on for the music.

Dinnertime: Naruto: Akimichi clan: G
Dinnertime is special around here.

Of Soggy Baskets and Battered Lilies: Naruto: MinatoxKushina: G
He'd have thought becoming Hokage would make things easier. He was wrong.

These Masks We Wear: Naruto: SasukexNaruto: M
Sometimes the most painful mask to wear is the one you wear on your heart.

Effervescence: Naruto: SasukexNaruto: PG
It's hard to face your dreams when the one you wanted to share them with isn't around.

Black as Sin: Naruto: Morino Ibiki, Mitarashi Tazusa: R
He'd never expected to have such a perfect protege.

Hanabi: Naruto: SakuraxLee: G
Dating Lee could be exhausting.

The Worth of One Life: Naruto: SasuNaru: R
No one would ever convince him it hadn't been worth every moment.

Naruto Chaptered Fics
Anything in this section belongs to a multi-part fanfic, some of which are ongoing and some of which are finished.

A Darkened Ray of Sunshine (ADROS) - Chapter 1": Naruto: NejixHinata: PG-13
Hinata, fed up with the treatment she receives from her family, as well as her unrequieted feelings for Neji, makes a decision to leave Konoha and start over. But will her new life be thrown into upheavel again when the one person she never thought she'd see comes looking for her? V. dark fic, even though it doesn't necessarily start that way. Ongoing, rather slow progression atm, hopefully that will change. The NejiHina in this one is slow to develop, fyi.

ADROS - Chapter 2: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG-13

ADROS - Chapter 3: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG-13

ADROS - Chapter 4: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG-13

ADROS - Chapter 5: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG-13

Shelter In Your Arms: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG
A thunderstorm sends a frightened Hinata into Neji's room for comfort.

Crack Open the Sky: Naruto: NejixHinata: R
Sequel to Shelter In Your Arms, a tad citrusy towards the end.

Naruto - 30 Memories
A [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses challenge, done for the pairing Neji/Hinata

Homecoming: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

Letter to the Lost: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

Perfect Blue: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

A Perfect 10: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

Overflow: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Hopeless Longings: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Unbreakable: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Apple Dreams: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Lullaby: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

Waiting for Tomorrow: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

Silken Flowers: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

Gilded Facade: Naruto: NejixHInata: PG-13/R

Silent Vigil: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG-13

One Last Request: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Dreaming Little Bird: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Naruto - 50 Moments
50 fics done for the challenge community [livejournal.com profile] 50_shinobi

Deep-Fried Broccoli: Naruto: NejixHinata: G

Paperback: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Naruto - White Meets White: A NejiHina Anthology
A collection of 50 unrelated oneshots, all drawn from the prompt list at the Hyuugacest community.

Breaking Free: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG
Deathfic, you have been warned.

Sharpness and Sweetness: Naruto: NejixHinata: PG

Naruto 31-Days Exchange
I had Naruto as the fandom for the 31_days exchange that I participated in.

Bladed Hurricane - Tenten

Kinship - NejiHina

Just A Word - Umino Iruka

Ticket Woes - NaruSaku

Poultice - Mitarashi Anko

Dirty Little Secret - NejiHina

Drums of War - Namikaze Minato

Guy Time - Rookie 9

Emotional Emptiness - Uchiha Itachi, Hoshigaki Kisame

3 Dozen Roses - Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina

An Artist's End - Deidara

True Paradise - Kimimaro

Ties of Blood - Sunagakure Siblings

Firebrand - Uchiha Siblings

Officework - ShikaTema

Stupidity is Painful - Tsunade, Jiraiya

Blank Page - Yamanaka Ino

Pearls of Wisdom - InoShikaChou Generation 1

Painkiller - Pein, Konan

Pucker Up - SasuNaru

Another Beginning - Sakura, NejiHina

Changing Winds - Gaara

Choking Hazards - Team 7

Joker's Face - Sai

Will of Fire - Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi

Faded Petals - SakuLee

Winter Fun - NejiHina

Broken Blossoms - Guren

Bleach Unrelated One-shots
These would be any one-shot fic that is not intended as part of a larger-scale challenge

Bright Lights: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG-13
A bet lost to Tatsuki turns out to have unexpected benefits for our favourite berry.

Click: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
Ichigo and the most annoying sound in the world.

Dandelions: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: G
Rukia ponders her favourite flowers, and why she likes them so much.

Finding Life: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
Deathfic, you have been warned.

Juicebox Wars: Bleach: 11th Division: PG
Not even juice is safe from the 11th division...

Melted Icecream: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
Rukia has a fixation. Nothing serious. Except... Ichigo doesn't think it's quite so innocent.

Memory Chain: Bleach: YoruichixUrahara: PG
"Yoruichi-san, what's your favourite memory?"

Path to Heaven: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG-13
A simple letter suddenly changes everything they ever thought was true.

Reason Enough: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
*Going under here rather then under the chaptered section because even though it's a 4-parter on ff.net, it was posted in one big chunk here.*

Rules of Engagement: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
There are rules to this game, rules that shouldn't be broken.

Stay With Me: Bleach: RenjixRukia: NC-17
What if, at that pivotal moment, he'd asked her to stay?

Sticky Fingers: Bleach: YoruichixUrahara: PG
There's a reason why Kisuke keeps condiments on the shelf over the bed.

When Eyes Don't See: Bleach: ShinjixHiyori: PG
It's easier to let your guard down when no one else is looking.

Concentric Hearts: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
The thing about concentric circles is that they always rotate around the same point in space.

Daisychain: Bleach: IshidaxOrihime: G
Some people can always smile, even through all the pain.

Remembrance: Bleach: ShinjixHiyori: G
It's the gray days that hold the most memories.

Hot Milk and Memories: Bleach: YoruichixKisuke: G
When it comes down to it, some things never change.

Sunshowers: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
Ichigo always used to hate the rain.

Unspoken: Bleach: ShinjixHiyori: PG
Sometimes the most important things don't need to be said outloud.

Dusty Gold: Bleach: YoruichixKisuke: G
Sometimes, all you can be is patient.

To Truly Live: Bleach: Kon: PG
There are two sides to every decision.

Chill: Bleach: ShinjixHiyori: PG
Hiyori never liked the cold.

Puzzle-Cube: Bleach: YoruichixKisuke: G
This is a companion-piece and "sequel" to Dusty Gold
Birthdays are meant to be special.

Memories in the Fall: Bleach: IchigoxRukia, IchigoxSenna: G
No heart is ever touched the same way twice.

Light of Home: Bleach: YoruichixKisuke: PG
Nothing ever feels as good as coming home. Sequel to Puzzle-cube.

Pink-sugar Dreams: Bleach: HitsugayaxYachiru: PG
He was certain it had to be all her fault.

A Promise Made: Bleach: IchigoxChad: PG
Sometimes... promises are broken, whether you want it or not.

Faded Paper Lanterns: Bleach: IshidaxOrihime: PG
Some people are just born strong. Then there are others who struggle to reach that point.

Easier: Bleach: ShinjixHiyori: PG
Sometimes in life, you just have to wait for things to get easier.

It's All About Appearances: Bleach: ShinjixHiyori: PG
Appearances aren't really all that important... are they?

Not Enough Words: Bleach: RenjixByakuya: G
Sometimes there just aren't enough words to say what you want.

White Side: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
It was alright to leave things like that... wasn't it?

Black Side: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG
What if the one thing you wanted for so long... turns out to be the opposite of what you really wanted?

Second Sunrise - Bleach
This group is a group of stories done for the community of [livejournal.com profile] occhallenge, all featuring my own original second generation Bleach characters.

Winter Violets: Bleach: YuusukexHisana: G
Not all questions are so easily answered.

Foolish Games: Bleach: Shinji II: PG
Can you take a game too far?

Scents of Fear: Bleach: Kaien, Renji: PG
Can two people so different really understand each other?

Trust Me: Bleach: Kaien, Mirabelle: PG
What good is trust, anyway, when you aren't even trusted by your own kind?

A Friendship of Opposites: Bleach: Kaien, Mirabelle: PG
Sometimes the best friends come in the most unexpected packages.

What Dreams May Come: Bleach: Kaien, Hisana: G
No one understood her big brother better than Hisana.

Realizations: Bleach: Hiyourin: PG
Three years could be a long time, when you measured it against the changes in your heart.

Number-One Crush: Bleach: RenjixHanako: G
She wouldn't be afraid, because she was a Quincy. And Quincy's didn't feel fear.

Bleach - 30 Moments of Passion
These are a group of (eventually) 30 lemon/lime fics written for a writing challenge at [livejournal.com profile] 30_lemons. Be warned, nearly everything in this section here is NOT suitable for young eyes.

Afterhours: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: NC-17

Boundaries: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: NC-17

Bleach - 30 Steps Together
This is a cluster of fics for the[livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses challenge community, written to follow the first 30 days of Ichigo and Rukia's new relationship after admitting their feelings for each other. They are written out of order, then re-ordered here to make it easier for you.

Day 1 - Two Simple Words: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 2 - Sidewalk Tunes: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 3 - Seeing Red: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 4 - Emerald Eyes: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 5 - Distance to the Sun: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 6 - Those Faraway Stars: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 7 - Turquoise Sky: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 8 - Medicine of the Heart: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 10 - Nightly Wanderings: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 12 - Home Cooking: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 14 - Windswept: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 15 - Outside Objections: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 16 - Vitamin Shock: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 17 - Show-Off: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 22 - Even Then: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 23 - Midnight Confessions: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Day 28 - Entrapment: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG-13

Day 30 - Full Circle: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG-13

Bleach - 100 Points in Time
This would be my challenge for [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100. All of the fics are related in that they all reference the OC family that I gave IchiRuki in one of my RP continuums, detailed here. They're not in any sort of order as of yet, I might order them eventually.

Colour My World: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: G

Defining Family: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: G

Same Old Thing: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: G

Summer Rivalries: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: G

Bleach - 10 Pathways to Purgatory
This one's a tad trickier, this is a series of 10 fics written for the community [livejournal.com profile] 10_whores, with the idea being to select one character and write them in 10 different pairings. So in this case, I chose Rukia and this is essentially 10 different possibilities. Ratings may vary, so be warned.

Taint It Black: Bleach: Hollow!IchigoxRukia: R

Painted Words: Bleach: ByakuyaxRukia: G

Nameless Wishes: Bleach: HanatarouxRukia: G

Nameless: Bleach: KonxRukia: G this one's actually extra, cuz I wrote 2 for the same theme

Dangerous Obsessions: Bleach: GrimmjowxRukia: PG-13

Facsimile: Bleach: AaronieroxRukia: PG-13

Starless Sky: Bleach: RenjixRukia: PG

Strategic Reasoning: Bleach: UraharaxRukia: PG

Cloudhead Dreams: Bleach: KaienxRukia: PG

Compass-Point: Bleach: UkitakexRukia: PG

Many-Coloured Stardust: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

30 Paper Hearts to Hide the Truth
Another challenge, this one is IchiRuki, done for [livejournal.com profile] 10_letters, this series is based on the premise that during a semester abroad in America, a college-going Ichigo and a stuck-at-home Rukia write letters to each other and through their correspondence, realize how much they mean to each other.

Letter #1 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #2 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #3 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #4 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Interlude: Matt and Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #5 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #6 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #7 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #8 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Interlude: Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #9 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #10 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #11 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #12 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Interlude: Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #13 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #14 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #15 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Interlude: Matt's Letter: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #16 - Rukia to Ichigo: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

Letter #17 - Ichigo to Rukia: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG

24 Chips of Bone to Make a Mask, to Hide the Truth
Another challenge collection, done for the comm [livejournal.com profile] 24hour_themes with the pairing of ShinjixHiyori. It's basically a collection of little windows into meaningful moments of their relationship.

Chip 1 - Comfort Zone

Chip 2 - And Then There Was Hope

Chip 3 - Faded Ribbons

Chip 4 - Gossamer Wings

Chip 5 - Green With Envy

Chip 6 - Second Glances

Chip 7 - Terms of Endearment

Chip 8 - Turning Corners

Chip 9 - Watchful Eyes

Chip 10 - Unexpected Comfort

Chip 11 - Birthday Memories

Chip 12 - Epiphany

Chip 13 - Scapegoat

Chip 14 - Backhanded Words

Chip 15 - Momentary Insanity

Chip 16 - Lost Time

Chip 17 - Night Terrors

Chip 18 - Consequences

Chip 19 - Nocturne

Chip 20 - Stolen Fireworks

Chip 21 - Cold, Hard Trugh

Chip 22 - Facade

Chip 23 - Stolen Dreams

Chip 24 - Mask of Truth


10 Times I Never Admitted I Loved You
Another challenge, done for [livejournal.com profile] 10_letters for the pairing of Shinji and Hiyori, this one is a collection of letters written, 5 from each of them, at meaningful times in their lives together, all of them chances that were never taken, and instances where they never managed to admit their feelings.

First Letter

20 Patchwork Blankets to Keep You Warm
A challenge series, done for the community of [livejournal.com profile] 20_blankets for IchiRuki.


Bleach - Chaptered Fics
This would be the section for either finished or ongoing multipart fics.

Shards of Spirit - Incomplete

Shards of Spirit - Chapter 1: Mirror to Oblivion: Bleach: IchigoxRukia: PG-13
When a Hollow's attack leaves Rukia comatose, Ichigo must journey into her soul to find what is broken and fix it before it's too late.

Shards of Spirit - Chapter 2: Pathway to Purgatory

Shards of Spirit - Chapter 3: Descent into Darkness

Shards of Spirit - Chapter 4: Window to Hell

Shards of Spirit - Chapter 5: Journey to Judgement

Shards of Spirit - Chapter 6: Deliverance from Sin

Shards of Spirit - Chapter 7: Mercy From Heaven

Genesis - Incomplete

Genesis - Chapter 1: Bleach: IchigoxRukia, ShinjixHiyori, UraharaxYoruichi, IshidaxOrihime: PG-13-R
Every story has a beginning, but when it comes down to it, even that is only the beginning.

Genesis - Chapter 2

Genesis - Chapter 3

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